Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hello everyone and more precisely mauritian peeps. i have created this blog because i was inspired by the guyz at the mbb forum like yan etc who encouraged me and offered to have read the reviews at mbb dot blogspot? you know that they are too diplomatic on occasions.i wanted to create a blog where you will come to know about only the flaws of your blog and go out crying. any one with me mail me at

are you courageous enough to know the truth?

note to mbb, no offense meant guyz. you know how i respect your work. this is just for fun.


waz said...

welcome to the blogging world!
so you are aiming @ negative reviews, huh!?! lol i dig...but i wonder what the other bloggers will think about ready to be flamed at! :P

bbZuSh said...

negative reviews.... hmmm :P Interessant :P M pa p tro envi alle email toi la, mais fer ene review lor moi... :-P