Independence Day

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

40 years ago, some great man raised a flag and brought down another one, signifying that we are independent. With that action a whole lot of possibilities have opened to us, the possibility of building a nation the way we want to, of acquiring a name, a reputation which will be our own and not associated with any other country.

Now 40 years later we are proud to celebrate this day and we must keep in mind that a country is mostly about its people. It is not about complaining for changes and not doing anything about it. As someone said,

A true patriot, according to me is someone who caters for his needs and that of his family first and then serves the country afterwards. If everyone did this, (still according to me) we'd find an uprise in moral and family values leading to a more peaceful and prosperous country. But these are just thoughts which I am trying to apply in my own life.

Help yourselves first and you will see what independence truly means...