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Sunday, November 11, 2007 is a very famous blog by a girl named morinn. that, everyone could have guessed since everything is about her everywhere all over her blog. and sometimes, when she feel like being a little selfless, she blogs about charity things and good causes but then, even in those good cause posts she always finds a way to show how much of a super person she is by mentioning stuff related to herself. basically this blog is a morinn, morinn, morinn blog. ok morinn, i think everyone by now has guessed that you have a huge garden and a lot of flowers and you got a superb home with a lot of laptops in it. how about doing real posts now? and to what relevance is that smiling picture of her on the top of her blog? just to show that she's a beauty? this proves my theory of her self-centredness.

post i have particularly hated:


morinn said...

lol lol! tro bon! :P

Jevin said...

lol wai li bon pu twa morinn.

She's a beauty mem ante. ;)

Wai blog la virer tourner autour li m. Aret blogger mo dir mwa morinn. ;D

bbZuSh said...

lollllll... vremem t lakaz plein ek lappy? ^.~