note to me: part 3 - women rule the mauritian blogging scene

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The exact word would be girls. girls rule the mauritian blogging scene, don't be shocked by this statement.once again i am just saying what is a fact.of course i have not been to all mauritian blogs out there and i know there are many.but my knowledge so far of mauritian blogs points me to the direction of 2 particular blogs; nussaibah dot wordpress and morinn dot blogspot. one is creative, the other pretentious.both are successful.they have in common a regular readership base and post regularly.
nussaibah dot wordpress is successful because she has managed to find people having a common interest with her to read and comment her blog.she also participates actively on blogs.everywhere i go to read bullshit posts i find her comment there.she is opinionated and often comments relevantly.
morinn dot blogspot is successful because she posts on random subjects.her posts are silly yet people keep on visiting and commenting.the surprise is that her last post on online communities has shown that she has more brains than what she used to show before.
in brief,on 1 hand there is the intelligent and opinionated, on the other, the silly and care-free.each powerful as bloggers in their own ways.each suspected of being the root of the mauritius blog brethren.why the mauritius blog brethren?its because they have admitted that the original mbb is a woman.a woman, it must be a woman interested in blogging, a woman successful in blogging.psychologically it must be someone kind and willing to help other.
nussaibah dot wordpress won the blog of the month award for october.2 possible reasons for this, either she is mbb or mbb has chosen her to confuse everyone.or maybe it is the women solidarity.
think about it losers.


bbZuSh said...

Ala li fer tou dimun doute moi :|

morinn said...

hmm, tone dir mo silly! ah mai mo senti moi flattered ki to feel mo kav mbb! :P

carrotmadman6 said...

D'apres toi, ki sanla entre sa 2 la mbb??


Antish said...

pa sirr!

Jevin said...

ahh morine parmi ban top mauritian bloggers (baser a maurice). Tarr. Kel joie.. :P

morinn said...

yup i am! with one of the highest technorati authority si! aah kel joie! :P