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Thursday, November 22, 2007

MBB has organised blogging on a common theme. The theme is online communities.I was reading the definition on wikipedia like everyone and I just learnt that almost everything found on the web is an online community,from the popular myspace dot com to the other sites like flickr, hi5 and forums.I dont have an opinion on the mentioned sites because i'm not registered there.I learnt that blogging forms part of online communities,that's where i come in opinion on online communities on the whole is mitigated.first comes the feeling that they have a purpose and second that they are just a place for freaks to get together and talk about their bullshit hobbies and lives.I'm tempted to opt for the second one.I will leave the praise of online communities to others.

My subject of study is forums.

forums are a nice concept,specially when they have a specific function like a tech forum,or linux forum, you expect to read a thread and find helpful discussions from members.But most of the forums i have seen are full of what i would call "bullshit bearers".The sole purpose of a bullshit bearer on the forum is to ruin any potential intelligent thread and turn it into a chat thread.then this contaminates the whole forum and the forum starts stinking bullshit so much that i have no other option that to leave.Bullshit bearers are often female specimens and they use a language of their own.One that their female friends understand and that their male admirers find cute.

Forum owners beware of bullshit bearers.Ban them before they ruin everything.

I hope my post on Online communities wins the post of the week on for me when the system is up.losers.


bbZuSh said...

LOLLL Anty! -ve as always! C vrai selmen! Ena dimun pren forum pu chat room ek koz tou ti kk from manicure to ... Mais c pas zis female kan mm -.-

morinn said...

lol! wai mo dak ki ena dimune gat tou! mo parmis! XD mai c pa juste female do!

kat said...

Thanks for participating! ;)

Jevin said...

lol I know exactly what you mean.. Ena n ta dimun comsa ki dir "eeeelllllooooooooooo" lor ban Tech topics.

Et c vrai ke c pa zis ban fam.

keli said...

lol lol lol
mega lol
ene lot comment inutile... i am a bullshit bearer. proud :)

waz said...

freaking way to get people to vote for ya!