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Monday, November 19, 2007

this is a blog by many authors namely 2 girls, Nussaibah and Sayuka.the blog is mainly about peoms,lyrics,art works,short stories and riddles.for amateurs of the kind, it is an excellent blog.I am not an amateur of the kind.this blog actually is full of positive thoughts and i am a negative guy.

about the things that should be changed,there are too much blue in the layout.

content-diversity in subjects written about would be welcomed.i know you are doing a naplomo or whatever thingie but that does not stop you from diversifying.

on the whole this blog does not strike so much hatred in me.just some things to change here and there but mind you i did not say it was good!

P.S: put some good humor on your blog, it smells like a library,too much brainwaves passing by.


bbZuSh said...

Merci Antyyy! Chui tres touchE :-P Will be changing topics in December... Art was the theme I chose for NaBloPoMo ek vremem li smell kuma ene library... hihi :-P

Lordrowin said...

Hmmm!! Kuma dir tone change to maniere review!! li pa bon ditou la man!! Continié maltraite nu blog taaaa!!! Fer li comik, sa maniere tone review sanla kuma dir to cone dimoune la et to p fer sa ziss pu fer li plaisir!! Nu nu plaisir c truv blog nu cam gagne maltraiT! Sa maniere to ti maltraite bane lezot la ti pli nissaaaa!!! Maltraite mo blog imP taaaaaa!!! Mo p envi to review pu moiii!!! OK???

morinn said...

I think Antish has improved his reviewing style and he heeded to our suggestions! :D Good Good. to pou kav re review moi aster? :P

Jevin said...

P.S: put some good humor on your blog, it smells like a library.

Fran zot ban anglais mistran terrib. Bizin lire 2 3 cou pu compren ban post la. :P I'm not saying its not a good thing. I'm just saying i suck.. LOL

keli said...

lol jevin.
weh fran mo tro dakor kan to lir ban super blog super professional ek super bon anglais tousa to envie pran to mouse to aval li ziska to suffoker...
anyway i like this blog. girls rule!
antish merd to p tro frekente forum mbb, to p vine gentil kuma banla... mais ene koter li mieu kan ena critik construktif sipaki. moins amuzan. mai bon.