Saturday, December 1, 2007

After a sick promotion in my job and some days off, I decided to change. To be a better person, to write sense and be grammatically, politically and culturally correct. No losers, I'm not going to adopt your bullshit style.

New Rules

I have just decided to stop refraining myself from using appropriate words on appropriate occasions. In other words, I will use appropriate words on appropriate occasions. For instance, I will call you a bitch when you are one, even if you're a "guy".

I will not ask for permission to give my opinion/tell the truth on your bullshit blogs or sites or habits because I care for those who still have some intellect left.

Your suggestions and opinions can go up your ass or wherever you fancy it but not here. I am only trying to save you from the humiliation bitch!

Some Updates

My post on bullshit communities was voted post of the week on MBB's forum.

Thanks to the 7 losers who confirmed that they're losers.

To the bitches named James Kunt and Anonymous, I'll be glad to hump you but I got a better deal. Go cry your shit elsewhere.


waz said...

hmm, someone is enjoying his weekend!

Jevin said...

Wa waz.. lol

Mo mari rier kan mo lire sa blog la. ;D

morinn said...

lol lol lol!

does that mean you're not accepting the post of the week award? :Z

Slasher said...

Hey li simple sa, si to pa envi gagne banne comments n'importe...Nek ena pou mark zot comment as Spam. Tou banne future comments venant de zot IP address pou alle to spam :D