Sunday, December 2, 2007

Poverty is the theme chosen by MBB for this week's theme. This hypocrisy was so obvious that I thought I would write about the advantages of poverty but when I saw that most bloggers were so busy polishing their own asses I have decided to take poverty as an example to illustrate the hypocrisy of bloggers.

Let's put some points clear, most bloggers are brats, rich or if not, at least modest. They have got a PC and bandwidth and they still think that they can understand the situation and life of the poor and write poignantly about them. Give me a break please assholes. You don't know the first thing about poverty. You might make a compilation of articles from Google or wherever your ass deems right to look for information but the post will never be true. And assuming that the post is eloquent, what difference do you think it will make? Will it change the situation of those in need. Are you donating money or helping out the poor along with resting your ass on a comfortable chair, stuffing your face with good food and writing a post on poverty?

Your opinion will never count. No matter how good your intentions are. Move from there assholes. Get down to doing something for once instead of writing and waiting for comments. People die everyday, every minute, every second while you're right up there writing blog posts. It is not a post written once in your lifetime on poverty that will change something. Those who come to read your posts already know that you are a good bitch and want to help others. So why not do it? Why not fucking get down to some field work? Leave your stupid blog aside and GO!


bbZuSh said...

J'adore ton post Anty!

On a side note, Je fais du volontariat sometimes =P Dad has always supported me when I wanted to donate things (with his money XD)

morinn said...

in fact to post ine fr moi pren conscience ki mo fr kitsoz pou vraiment eliminate poverty! mo ti blier li o fait ek now mone rapel! thanks! :P mo pou even write about it

MBB said...

Thanks for participating. Great post. ;)