Reviewing women

Thursday, December 20, 2007

MBB's 3rd theme is "A Review Of My Choice". Most of you know that I mostly do reviews. For this theme I chose a different kind of review; I have decided to review women.

Some statistics:
37.5% of MBB's blogroll consists of women's blogs
68.4% of those blogs are active blogs
Among the top 5 Mauritian bloggers/blogs there are many women (based on technorati authority)

It is undeniable that MBB's role in promoting Mauritian blogging has been incredible, in terms of:
  • overall promotion of each Mauritian blog wanting to be a member
  • helping members in discovering new or existing but unknown blogs
  • making us give the most of ourselves by participating in those challenges and theme of the week
  • giving us a place to cass pose after working hours
  • promoting intelligent discussions on their forum

But the most important job that MBB has accomplished and which very few have noticed is the valorising of women. What I mean by this is that MBB has shown us that our women, our Mauritian girls are talented, creative and intelligent.

You want me to be more precise? Take the example of bbZush and Sayuka, pure creative genius. Original and very wise girls.

Davina, she write perfectly and with her heart.

Keli, the girl who remains herself come what may and is not afraid to be frank.

La Pingouine, a new member on MBB whose posts are very much human and deep.

Miranda, the most rocking chick around.

Morinn, she is versatile and witty but at the same time cheerful

SunflowerAvi, a pure wonder of sarcasm and humor

To hell with my negative reviews; these are proofs that Mauritian women are powerful and intelligent.

The reason why I have done this review on women is to show that if you want to promote a country on the web or anywhere else, put forward it's brain power, which will consist of the intelligence of both men and women.

Porn photographs and videos of women on a blog and subsequently on a forum are nothing else but insulting to our country as a whole. You all must have an idea of which blog I am talking about. I do not condemn porn; if it is a means of living to some, then so be it. I condemn the promotion of porn and the insult that it represents to women. Associating it with a country is still more insulting.

This was my review on women.


carrotmadman6 said...

Mauritian women(or girls) rule the blogosphere... :P

(Time to catch up boys) ;)

morinn said...

lol! you said something nice on me? how unusual! you sure you're ok and stuff? ale guet 1 doc pou etre sur! :P

Offbeat_chick said...

nice review. i think i know what blog you are talkin abut :P

bbZuSh said...

Creative genius. Wow. That's a first for me =P michi! Que dire? :P Vive les femmes :D

Jevin said...

Woow antebolg ine pass dan detox? lol

Weh c vrai ki ena buku fam ki ena blog. Ptet acoz zot contan ecir contrairement a ban boug.

Rock on chicks. And ante I totally agree with your last paragraph.

MBB said...

Nice review ante. You have a point here! :D

La Pingouine said...

Girl power ^^ hehe. thanks for these words.

zahool said...

Oh my god, how can people do such things!! Its a shame that so many Mauritian rushed to that particular blog you were talking about in the last paragraph ( am sure you are 1 of them)

Antish said...

non rowin. mo pa 1 of them. to pe sanz nom tou aster.

waz said...

mate, wat happened? you ate too much tofu or something!?! wat's with the sudden change in blogging attitude? it's too positive! i'm off - crying n depressed! :P

Infinity said...

Nice review! It's quite unexpected, but makes a fair reading. It's nice to "review" women.

Yan said...

Lol.. Great review man! Women rock this world! ;)

sunflower avi said...

Nice post. Where's the negative reviews then? How come I didn't get one? B lor ki blog ena sa ban photo ek video dirty la? Premier fois mo tande sa.