Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's ok. You like to celebrate and like to wish people on special days. But that's not a reason to literally assault me with all your merry Christmas greetings. Have a nice day, a nice time enjoying. As if you care? No you don't! You just have to appease that little conscience that will keep telling you in a very sissy voice: "Oh my God! You did not wish Antish merry christmas a million times today! What will happen now? You will not be able to enjoy Christmas!"

Get this clear, dumbass, I can very well have a wonderful time at home for Christmas without you wishing me "merry Christmas" all the time on my cellphone, my emails and even my bipper. You could even make me enjoy my Christmas a lot more if you spared me your continuous "merry Christmas" harassment. If your Christmas wishes mattered so much to me, I would have been with you, celebrating Christmas and not with someone else or my family.

Now after having survived those Christmas wishes, my only wish for the new year is not to be assaulted with New Year greetings. I don't give the slightest damn whether you have a nice year ahead or not. What only matters to me is me, me and me! MBB asked us to write on our interpretation of the perfect end of year? That would be it! It would be perfect if I'm not harassed with greetings and finally, Happy New Year! That's it.