understanding the concept of crazy

Saturday, December 8, 2007

To understand the concept of "crazy" or more particularly of being crazy, one should have a sense of humour. That's where things get difficult. A sense of humour is not gifted to everyone and sadly you cannot acquire it. That's why some people are cool and others are lame. I don't know why the lame ones always find something to say about what the cool ones said. An example can be:

me: hey look the bitch is here.

dumb ass (with no sense of humour): i see no female dog around.

In this case dumb ass would have faired better by just shutting the fuck up.

The lesson behind this story: Try to identify what you are. If you have got no sense of humour don't feel obliged to comment on witty and humorous statements. You will just prove that you're shit and mess up the whole effect of the statement.