Most promising event in 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome to 2008, the new world...(?) Every new year that comes by is an opportunity for people to hope. Most hope about progress, advances, break-throughs, new opportunities and such. For me life has always been a continuation of what it was last year, just like it was the day before. Yes I live with my time but I don't get all excited at the prospect of seeing new things. But there is one thing that I agree on; we are living in the era of technology.

Take this for example, 50 years ago the television was an event. Today it is still essential for a home. The TV has evolved with time, but it still looks somewhat like it used to 50 years ago. Now take for example the IPhone, I give it 2 years to become an outdated piece of phone. There would always be new stuff.

However, the subject of my concern is not technology today, nor is it something else, I just don't know what could be the most promising event in 2008. Maybe a general re-election in Mauritius and the population becoming suddenly intelligent and having a mind of their own. That would be great. Imagine Mauritians voting for the elections with their mind rather than with their heart? That would be a really promising event.

Since the above mentioned statement is not humanly possible, I'll just say that the most promising event would be the 2008 Olympic games. Yeah! Long live beer and sports.