Thursday, December 27, 2007

Forums mushroom like... mushrooms. Lately everywhere I go, I see a new forum has been started and people are requesting me to join and participate. I mean like what the fuck? Don't I have my liberty of choosing on which forum I want to hang out or not? Some forums have a purpose. I know it sounds positive, but I like forums with a purpose. It makes the process of posting on stupid threads look less stupid. MBB has a purpose, RockMu has a purpose, CAAOP has a purpose, which can be grossly summed as bring together people having a common interest.

In Mauritius, however most forums are of the category which I will politely refer to as general. That is, you post every kind of bullshit you like on any kind of shitty subject you want. There you will get to meet all kinds of stupid people, namely girls and guys who like to "mett nissa" and they will share jokes and talk about stupid parties and stars and call each of them by using nicknames. Those forums do not have a purpose, I repeat, they do not have a purpose. These promoting Mauritius or being a place for Mauritians to hang out and communicate excuses are sheer bullshit.

I have yet to understand what drives people to post in those forums but something close to the answer would be human stupidity. This brings me to my next point that shows that most humans are stupid. It can be briefly summed as: those general forums have more posts than those forums with a purpose. And yet, the post on general forums become outdated every hour, just like an online chat session. They have got no informative or historical value.

To conclude I will just add; it's ok not to have a purpose in life. Just don't make this fact public.


Jevin said...

Spit it out.. HAHAHA

Well you got very important points here. There are forums that have a purpose and that's very good. I get the impression that general forums have the sole goal of conquering the net.

Anyway i liked the way you talked about forums with a purpose. I'm very active in rockMU and I appreciate that you mentioned that. Are you on the forum btw? Where did you get that link? Sorry for being so long. lol

morinn said...

lol! to pa nek anti blog toi, to anti tou zafr! hihi! mone mega riyer kan mone lir sa la! lol

Digital Bin said...

I am somewhat flattered that you mentioned MBB as a forum with a purpose. :D But I think "general" type forums as you call them still have a purpose.

bbZuSh said...

C fou comme je te comprends :|

Rikesh Gujadhur said...

I have been reading your previous posts for quite some time Antish. You are right about one point. Mauritians on the web they really emphasise on the fact that they are Mauritians and neglect intellectual aspects of matters. We are a nation of patriots, not much can be done about that. And the fact that we speak creole mostly on our forums, this limits access to Mauritians only and creates a familiarity, thus the use of nicknames and personalised languages etc.

Hope you don't mind me commenting, I wish to add, great posts out here. keep voicing out those thoughts.

Yan said...

"To conclude I will just add; it's ok not to have a purpose in life. Just don't make this fact public."


Great Words Man! Respect!