Sex, drugs and rock n roll

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rock has been stigmatised by the association of it with sex and drugs. Sure, rock stars often get too close to their groupies and indulge in one night stands and on and off stage they are seen consuming alcohol, smoking hash and what else. But saying this only exists in rock is like saying the sun shines only for you. All your clean-cut singers and pop artists indulge in those, with the exception that they hide this fact up their ass like a secret. What will happen to all those stupid teens who idolise those pop stars if they knew that their favourite singer in fact has a pink nose from sniffing and yellow teeth from smoking? Take Britney Spears for example. I mean the old Britney Spears, with her nice teenager attitudes. Now she is just someone who's messed up her life and who is pretending to be a rebel.

Fuck Britney... Anyway, it is because of the association of rock with drugs and sex that you will get to meet people saying "Nooo, I don't like rawk". It's because in their bullshit mind they see only the sex and drugs part and not the amazing music, the kickass lyrics and the awesome attitude part. So that it... Keep rocking and keep rolling. \m/

And if you wish to read something meaningful on sex, drugs and rock n roll, try this.


Shah said...

It's so true.

Fu_ck Britney- EWWww
There is a true philosophy behind the rock 'n' roll. The association of rock 'n' roll to sex and drugs was due to the actions of the hippies. Well, though the latter were so cool back then, the 21st century people must no longer act as such.
Value the true nature of music. Be a fan of the music.
As far as idolatry goes, well - be yourself and don't behave like others. This is exactly what Antish meant in his post :)

Understood, Ant. I'm rockin' and rollin.' :) Have a great new week :)


Anonymous said...

Anyway, it is because of the association of rock with drugs and sex that you will get to meet people saying "Nooo, I don't like rawk"

I would totally agree with you. There are time I can here: "Hey, you listen to rock. That's just Ewww." Music is music, whatever the singer might do in his/her personal life.

morinnh said...

hehe! well said ante. mo ti touletemps trouve bne trucs pa net avk bne stars du pop. zot too good to be true sometimes

La Pingouine said...

d'accord avec morinn. De toute façon showbiz tout ça ^^ mais mone lire kelke part lor wiki ki sa santé Sex, drug and Rock'n'roll ti pou dir ki pena zis sa trois kit chose la dans la vie...