Note to stupid lecturers: self-proclaimed popularity

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Most bloggers strive for popularity. Some think they are really popular from the moment they step into the world of blogging and start getting some attention. This is the case of some Mauritian lecturers. I won't mention names as you already know of whom I am talking about in the first place. There is a female blogging in particular who particularly pisses me off. Not because of the recent scandal she faced, she had the right to express herself on her blog. I am here talking about the false popularity that they bestow upon themselves as bloggers. Most of the bloggers I know have a higher technorati authority than her (it's a way of meaning they are more popular) and yet they maintain a low profile. Now why do these persons think they are great bloggers, that their opinions matter?

I know I am aiming big when I'm making these statements but I could not care less. This woman's opinion is bullshit! In correct terms, they are irrelevant, totally nonsensical and biased. I thought lecturers were more intelligent than that! I thought they could argue their point correctly and make people see them clearly. All I saw was a woman writing something incoherent and just taking advantage of her position as a lecturer. Amen.


Shah said...

For my part, I don't give a frak about technocrati level. I don't care whether it's a lecturer/tutor or whoever he/she is.
Blogs are never deemed as "popular" IMHO. E.g Digg is said to be "popular" by many but comments are shit!
Read and comments onto, the blogs that are interesting to you. Also expect bullshit from humans.
Frak the bullshit posters and viva the stuff you like (sorry for stating that point again.)

Shah said...

Note: I do know Digg is not a blog :p

Anonymous said...

May you prayer be heard Anty! :P

Anyway, technorati level pas mean narien sa. Who cares si blog la popular si owner la is having fun :| 100 unknown readers v/s 10 known ones. Who wins? Obvious.