The price of freedom - justifying punishment

Saturday, February 16, 2008

For almost every crime committed (legally) there exist punishments. Most of those imply the loss of liberty of the crime perpetrator, be it going to jail, paying a bail, attending court or being kept under surveillance. The more severe the crime is, the more severe is the loss of liberty. For instance homicide can make you lose your life or spend it behind bars. These situations illustrate the importance freedom to every human being. It will not be an over-statement to affirm that it is the most important notion in every individual's life.

Ask yourself these; do you value your legs? Are you scared of losing them? Are you scared of being handicapped and having to move on a wheelchair all your life or depending on someone else? The answer would surely be yes, you are afraid! And why are you afraid? My interpretation of this is that you are afraid of losing that freedom which you have now with those legs. The same can be applied to almost everywhere else of your body. The fact that your body functions well gives you freedom, mainly freedom of movement. And the fact that you have not yet been a criminal gives you the freedom to pursue a life, a career, raise a family and be respected.

Don't ever go pursuing absolute freedom. It has never existed. You will always have dreams, career prospect, ambitions that will bind you and make you work till you achieve them. The only true freedom you have and which you must preserve is your health and freedom from crime.

I don't want you to come seeking my help someday.


morinn said...

I think your post is a little pretentious, especially the last part but I love your interpretation on freedom and the little advice, that of not looking for absolute freedom

Anonymous said...

Absolute freedom is just a dream which should remain so :-) Having it will not mean happiness but who knows... will only cause disasters :P I hope I won't be needing your help :D

Loona said...

hi.i'm very happy to have read your post.i can relate to what you wrote.absolute freedom is non existent.may be in death we can find it but we cant say for internet connection there.keep posting please and i'll keep reading.